Why you need to join the digital marketing bandwagon, the right way

Are you trying to run ads on facebook but are unsuccessful?

What is your return on ad spend? Do you fully understand how much you’re spending for every user brought to your website? 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or even attacked, don’t. You are not alone.  

Many, many marketers are spending far more than necessary on ads, and many, many companies don’t know the answers to these questions. They just know they should be using Google AdWords, or perhaps Facebook Ads, but without any clue how. We’re here to help. 

Or maybe you don’t think any of this is relevant to you. Maybe you’re a small business with a tiny marketing budget, and it just doesn’t seem worth your time or money. We don’t blame you for being hesitant. 

But trust us, it’s not only relevant to you- it’s essential. And when you do it the right way, you’re only gaining.   

Why should I care?

Here’s the thing. This isn’t just some extra, additional way to boost your sales, on top of the usual stuff. This type of marketing, PPC marketing, is critical to…no, it’s the meat-and-potatoes of running a successful business. 

You don’t need to know what PPC is right now – just that it stands for pay-per-click – we’ll explain the rest later. Without an understanding of how this works, you won’t stand a chance in your industry. 

Don’t believe us? 45% of small businesses invest in pay-per-click advertising. And among small businesses with more than 50 employees, 74% are investing in PPC advertising. Don’t let yourself get behind in the game. 

But there’s more. 85% of consumers use the internet to search for local businesses. Remember, not all ads are annoyances – recent stats show that when ads that appear to users who are actually looking for them make money. So you’re going to reach the users you want, without wasting any money. 

And PPC works with small budgets. On the topic of common mistakes marketers make, marketing guru, business executive, and best-selling author Seth Godin remarked, “The big mistake is thinking that their job is to spend money to get attention.”

We’ll leave you with this. A very recent report revealed that brand awareness can be increased by up to 80% through Google paid ads. And, paid advertising returns $2 for every $1 spent. That’s a 200% ROI rate. 

Introducing BARK, a Slickview Studios company

Learning the ins-and-outs of PPC on your own is a recipe for disaster. Let us do the tedious work for you. BARK, by Slickview Studios, is the key to your success.

In the next few days, we’re going to tell you exactly what Bark does, and what makes us so special. For now, imagine a world where you’re no longer wasting time or money on aimless digital marketing efforts. You no longer have to navigate the complex world of CPC, CPA, CPM, CTR, SEO, and probably a dozens more.

Without any effort on your end, your exact target audience is seeing your vibrant, compelling ads. On their Facebook newsfeeds and when they search on Google. You’ll see results for every dollar you spend.

Stick around, and let us create targeted ads that make a impact.