¿Quieres Clientes Felices?

Como cliente busco donde satisfacer mis necesidades momentáneas (comida, entretenimiento, calzado, tecnología etc.) generalmente busco donde sienta que realmente saben lo que quiero o necesito, y no tengo duda que es así con cada persona, independientemente de sus necesidades, buscamos comprensión, rapidez y buen trato. Walt Disney dijo “Hagas lo que hagas, hazlo tan bien […]

¿Qué buscan realmente sus clientes? ¡Parte 2!

¿Qué más se debe tener en cuenta al comenzar o simplemente mejorar su empresa de preparación de comidas? Hasta ahora hemos discutido la importancia de la calidad de los ingredientes, la variedad y el tipo de recetas, y el tiempo de cocción / montaje. El artículo publicado en CulinaryNutrition.com “Servicios de preparación de comidas: ¿valen […]

What’s new in 1.8.20?

Happy almost-Thanksgiving, Sprwt followers!  It’s a busy time of year for everyone, including us. We’ve been working tirelessly to perfect our Root Planner software, which we can’t wait to release more updates about in the very near-future. But we’ve also been busy refining the main Sprwt software, and continuously rolling out updates to polish your […]

How does our simplified ordering increase revenue?

We understand that if a page is taking too long to load, or if customers can’t easily navigate through the different tabs to order, they’re likely to just give up and abandon their orders. With this in mind, we design everything about your website – especially the ordering system – to be as user-friendly as […]

Transform your customer experience & increase revenue with Sprwt

With Sprwt, your customers will have more options that ever before when it comes to ordering their meals. A navigable interface allows them to decide which ordering system they desire, exactly what meals and portion sizes, delivery or pickup, and much, much more. Customers even have the option to input their allergies, dislikes, and diet […]

Chef Jess & COVID-19 Donations

COVID-19 was declared a pandemic on March 11th, 2020. Now, over five months later, people everywhere are still struggling to create their new normal amidst this pandemic. Vulnerable communities with minimal access to basic resources are disproportionately struggling. One of those essential resources is food – and that, of course, is Sprwt’s primary space. We […]

Introducing Auto-Apply Coupons

As you know by now, we’re always thinking of creative new ways to incentivize customers to subscribe to your services.Today, we’re eager to announce an exciting new feature here at Sprwt: auto-apply coupons. But how are these different from regular coupons? And why should you care so much? Well, for several reasons. If one of your […]