Frances inicio con Tropimeals en junio de 2020 como necesidad de ayudar a un grupo de personas a alimentarse mejor, ademas que ella deseaba tener mas tiempo para su bebe. Ademas de una fuente de ingresos ya que habia dejado de trabajar debido a la pandemia por covid-19

Cocina Alterna

Cocina Alterna inició en abril del 2020, Sofia y Angelle crearon este espacio de comida saludable teniendo primeramente una necesidad de exhibir la comida saludable en la isla de Puerto Rico, también su mayor motivación fue promover la agricultura local, esto lo hacíamos comprando y promocionando la agricultura de nuestra ciudad, todo lo compraban a […]

Elite Meal Prep

Paul Arellano launched Elite Meal Prep in Salt Lake City, Utah on the very first day of 2017 after his own successful weight loss journey. Unhappy with his own weight and lifestyle in 2016, he dedicated weeks to researching and experimenting with meal prep until he finally created a nutritious, tasty menu yielding quick results. […]

Chef Jess

A team of registered dietitians and chefs, Chef Jess has aimed to make leading a healthy lifestyle both easy and enjoyable since 2011. In addition to at-home meal delivery, the team offers extensive nutrition counseling to individuals and organizations in the greater Washington DC area. 

Meal Prep With Me

Robin Owens founded Meal Prep With Me in the heart of Houston, aiming to empower busy individuals to take control of their lives with healthy eating offered at a reasonable price. Targeting several low-income areas, Meal Prep With Me strives to challenge the perception that wellness and healthy eating are reserved for those who are […]

SmartMeal Preps

Amarylis Diaz founded SmartMeal Preps in 2017 with the ambition to ship food to the entire island of Puerto Rico. She wanted to provide her clients with delicious and nutritious meals that would complement their weight loss journeys.

Island Fresh Meals

Navy veteran Amado Vazquez founded Island Fresh Meals with his parents in 2018 on the firm belief that healthy food should be delicious and made from high-quality and fresh ingredients. Located in downtown Jacksonville, Island Fresh Meals not only delivers all over Northeast Florida but also has many pickup locations and even a new dine-in […]

Nala’s Kitchen

Nala’s Kitchen, created by professional chef Beca Tuinei, has brought fresh and delicious meals to the Hartford and New Haven counties in Connecticut since 2017. Her meals are pre-portioned in alignment with the Whole30 diet, have no artificial ingredients, preservatives, or added sugars, and change weekly.

Ideal Meals

Seth Goldman founded Ideal Meals five years ago out of someone else’s kitchen with the ambition to make quality, healthy food convenient for all. Their meals, delivered two times per week, are made of high-quality ingredients that are non-GMO, hormone and antibiotic-free, and packed with organic nutrients.

BestLife Meal Prep

Restaurant and hospitality gurus Tony and Valerie Bettencourt started BestLife meal prep just two years ago with the goal of making clean, healthy food as convenient as possible for their customers. They cook with only organic produce and all natural, grass-fed meats. Customers place orders online for either delivery or pickup from one of their […]